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keitaro urashima
naru narusegawa
mitsune konno
shinobu maehara
kaolla su
motoko aoyama
mutsumi otohime
sarah mcdougall
haruka urashima
seta noriyasu

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Amalla Suu
Ramba Ruu
Hina Urashima
Kentaro Sakata
Tsuruko Aoyama
Mei Narusegawa
Kimiaki Shirai
Masayuki Haitani
Ema Maeda
Nyamo Namo
Ken Akamatsu


Egao Ni Mirai E by Yui Horie
Hajimari Wa Koko Kara by Hayashibara Megumi
Kimi Saeireba by Noda Junko
Kirari Takaramono by Horie Yui
La Moon Na Kibun De - Love Hina
Love Labyrinth - Noda Junko
Manichi Ga Otenki by Yui Horie
Sakura Saku by Noda Junko
Tsuki No Gotoku - Yuu Asakawa
Winter Wish by YUI
Yakusoku by Yonekura Chihiro

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episode 1: All-Girls Dormitory with Outdoor Bath
episode 2: The Hinatasou New Resident Shinobu
episode 3: Kendo Girl in Love?
episode 4: The Promise to Get Into Tokyo U was 15 Year Ago
episode 5: Close Contact! Travel to Kyoto
episode 6: Keitaro's First Kiss
episode 7: First Date, Keitaro's True Feelings
episode 8: Kendo Daughter and the Legendary Dragon Story
episode 9: Hinata Inn's Missing Money Case
episode 10: Identity of Wandering Beauty Under the Moonlight
episode 11: Fear ToudaiSei, Idol is a Reapplying Student
episode 12: Transform? Swordsmaster Motoko's Casual Look
episode 13: Did the First Kiss Taste Like a Lemon? Marshmallow?
episode 14: Is a Tokyo U Professor Meet Again? Naru's Dream Lover
episode 15: I Love You! Love Confession in the Cave
episode 16: House by the Sea. Hinata Tea House Monkey Performance
episode 17: The Sea... Heart Races for Naru, Knocked Out by Ghost!
episode 18: A Summer Festival With You in All Sorts of Yukata
episode 19: A Jade Palaquin? The Prince From the Other Side of the Ocean
episode 20: The Sleeping Girl and the Sepia-Colored Promise
episode 21: Jealousy Explodes? 2 Hot People On a Boat
episode 22: Younger Sister Mei's Scheme. Operation in a Locked Room
episode 23: Narusegawa Naru, the Shaking Heart and Keitaro Broken to Pieces
episode 24: Does the Sakura Bloom on Tokyo U? Love?
episode 25: Motoko's Choice, Love or the Sword

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Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve
Love Hina Spring Special: I Wish Your Dream

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episode 1: Kanako
episode 2: Keitaro
episode 3: Naru


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love hina project
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
captain's blog : shady stuff and interview
  • 1:20 AM
  • Steve from WISE LLC called this morning and was asking me for my credit card number. I thought it was unusual to ask an employee's credit card number to refund customers so I said what he's asking is problematic. I may have given them a bad impression on the get go, but it doesn't make sense to use someone else's credit card to reimburse refunds to customers. This company is an online shop, but they're only asking for my credit card number -- still I'm very wary of this request since I haven't seen him in the flesh and I haven't really heard this company before. What concerns me is that I've sent my profile and ID to them via email. We spent talking over the phone for a while of how I think it's dangerous to tell them my credit card number since it may lead to fraudulent activities. Then he's revealed the INTERAC method where the money can be transmitted from a link via email and a secret question/answer. I better consult this with someone else and I admit that it's making me anxious.

    I have an interview at the UWinnipeg this 2pm. It's on the Rice building and it's supposed to be the Student Experience Assistant position. It deals with the communication, marketing and PR of the Business / Economics department. To do this, they need an assistant that will collaborate with Dean and the DOC to boost the faculty's image. I'll be working with student groups as well to coordinate events and publish weekly newsletters. It has a lot of responsibilities, but it's mainly maintaining the image and public relations of the department and the faculty. The position would have to use social media, their Graduway program and the TV monitors in the campus. Yet, it's part-time. Anyway, I think I'll be fine either way. I just don't want to make a fool out of myself from this interview and it'll be conducted by two-panels.

    The search for my stable job continues.
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    posted by: kimikimkim
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    Friday, April 07, 2017
    captain's blog : HMV </3
  • 5:35 PM
  • HMV just closed two retail stores and it broke my heart. It was a sudden goodbye as Sunrise Records would move in to take over their spaces. I managed to salvage the last bits of interesting stuff I could find as I passed by the Portage Place outlet before heading to work. The store was almost empty. I was upset a little, like their employees, because I've always had a pleasant experience shopping in their stores. Anyway, cheers HMV. We've already lost Zellers from TARGET (then TARGET closed its shops in Canada afterward). It has a special place in my heart; it's one of the first shops that welcomed me when I arrived in Cananda and it's the first place that I visited after the first day of university (in UWinnipeg).

    Totoro, I'm glad I found you before they stocked out.

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    posted by: kimikimkim
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    Saturday, December 31, 2016
    captain's blog : the last of 2016
  • 11:47 AM
  • Well, folks. We're at the last day of the year again. And I just like to thank God for helping me survive the waves of challenges until now. I wouldn't have survived the year without Him. I'm ever grateful and thankful for the opportunities, the people and resources that offered me the leverage for hurdle along the way. If I could sum up 2016 with one word, I would say it was a 'stepladder' of a year. A lot of good things have been achieved this year, mostly toward graduating. Indeed it was tough, but I'm relieved of being able to wrap everything properly -- more or less.

    Winter, Spring and Fall terms of 2016 were eventful, and I admit that I almost decided to drop one subject this fall. Almost. I have been thinking of a plan B if things went sour, but I shook my head at myself for thinking of such a thing. It is time for my best to shine and accept the blessing - that is my graduation. The truth is I almost gave up on some assignments and academic research papers. But I made it. Thank you, Jesus. I made it. One more term left 'til graduating (and of course one more term 'til I reach repayment status on my student loan). But it doesn't make sense to graduate just to end up bankrupt, so I'm sure it'll work out afterward. That's not really the first thing to think about when graduating. The first thing to think about is a life filled with dreams having received my diploma (diplomas in this case). Those diplomas in Business Administration, Computer Science and Religion and Culture Studies will be mine!

    What are the plans for 2017? Well, I can't really say. But I have some ideas. First thing is to graduate, then find a stable job. Then I'm off to pursue my other passion such as writing and creating my own video game. Other things include... well... let me say that those other things will surely follow. Let me just savour and enjoy this moment of respite (since the university re-opens this January 3). As usual, just as I'm getting used to lazying around, busy-ness rears its ugly head again.

    More importantly, I sincerely hope that peace and prosperity find you this 2017. Have a blessed new year too. Cheers.


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    posted by: kimikimkim
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    Saturday, October 29, 2016
    captain's blog : that special date of the year
  • 12:00 AM

  • And as 12:00am passes through, the October 29, I pray Lord of my 2016-2017 career in life yet again, and claim of your blessing and grace, my portion, that You have for me. Teach me, lead me, and mold me further, Lord. I shall pray my three wishes to You later. Keep me and family safe, Lord, is my prayer, and the person's prayer as well who is reading this. I depend and rely on Your provision, protection and providence. Continue to move in my life, Lord, in the midst of my tribulation, and I will be still - in awe of You.


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    posted by: kimikimkim
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    Thursday, June 30, 2016
    captain's blog : the end of 2015-2016 school year
  • 3:38 PM

  • Worthy is the Lamb once slain,
    Praise and magnify His Name.
    Laud and honour may we bring,
    To my Lord, Saviour and King.

    Lord, I know we've had our daily conversation this morning, but I'd like to put it in record now that I'm here: Thank You so much for a wonderful school year.

    Thank You for Your grace and favour such that You've showed me my worth despite of my shortcomings. Thank You for the opportunity of having the perfect work schedule as a full time student and managing two jobs all in campus. Who am I to receive such blessing? I thought I couldn't see my value, but You have cherished me in ways I've only longed to imagine. I don't mind having tears right now, since the cafeteria is finally empty. After all, people have made their exit for the long weekend. Yet I can't help it.

    You have provided me when I have been financially troubled. Your grace has been sufficient and more than sufficient in times of exhaustion, weariness and distraught while living in this the fast lane of academic work and life. Yet I'm amazed that I still have the capacity to give to my parents and relatives back home. The Fall term has been difficult. My Winter term has taken a toll in my mind. As of today, during this lunchtime, after writing my final exam this Spring, I shake my head at how awesome it has been. My memories flash to me the verisimilitude of overcoming every struggle this school year has thrown. The school year has been awesome, because You are awesome. I dare myself to say that You haven't supplied all my needs and wants, but I cannot. Truly, You have provided the best that I wonder a bit why I have these wants cluttering my room. So it would be unfair to deny You this, because it's true that You simply have been ever present in my time of need.

    I know I have fulfilled my BBA, but as I push through to my second degree and minor, as I'm one step closer to reaching my dream of graduating from this foreign university, in a land culturally and intrinsically different, a world that is alien and sometime almost inhospitable in winter, as I'm one tile closer to fulfilling my parents' dream... God, I will be brutally honest in saying that I couldn't have made it this far without You. My God, You have been my portion, my light, my refuge, and my strength. I have prayed for wisdom and You have granted it. James was right: "Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise." he said so in James 5:13. I am thirsty and only You can quench it. Continue to reveal Yourself in my life, because I am searching for the ultimate reality that is Ultimate, and the absolute Truth that displays the order of an intricate universe reflecting a grand design. I will not leave one stone unturned. I will find You in highs and lows, above and in the depths of the world. I will keep studying these hints of truths, because I want to know more of who You claim to be. Yet I will not be stubborn and I will try to bear a teachable heart. I don't know where to start proclaiming Your majesty and mystery. All I can do for now is to praise and worship You, my God, my Maker, and my Friend.

    Taste and see that the Lord is good;
    blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
    9Fear the Lord, you his holy people,
    for those who fear him lack nothing.
    - Psalm 34:8-9


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    posted by: kimikimkim
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    Thursday, April 28, 2016
    Spring Term Dues
  • 3:44 PM
  • REL-2401 Religion and Popular Culture
    Quiz 1 - May 9
    Quiz 2 - May 18
    Quiz 3 - May 30
    Critical Response Paper - June 4
    Quiz 4 - June 8
    Quiz 5 - June 15
    Quiz 6 - June 22
    Final Exam - June 30
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    posted by: kimikimkim
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    Wednesday, September 16, 2015
  • 10:16 PM
  • ACS-2941 UNIX
    January 22 - Assignment 1
    February 5 - Assignment 2
    February 11 - Midterm
    March 18 - Assignment 3
    April 4 - Assignment 4
    April 18 - Final Exam
    *Assignments TBA

    BUS-2916 Business Applications
    January 29 - Lab 1
    February 4 - Test 1
    February 12 - Lab 2
    February 23 - Assignment 1
    February 26 - Lab 3
    March 3 - Lab 4
    March 11 - Lab 5
    March 15 - Test 2
    March 24 - Assignment 2
    April 20 - Final Exam
    *Assignments TBA

    REL-2131 Apocalyptic Literature
    January 19 - Exam 1
    January 26 - Exam 2
    February 9 - Exam 3
    February 23 - Exam 4
    March 8 - Exam 5
    March 15 - Exam 6
    March 22 - Exam 7
    April 12 - Final Exam

    BUS-2002 Financial Accounting
    February 1 - Test 1
    February 29 - Test 2
    April 11 - Final Exam

    ACS-2814 Database
    January 15 - Lab 1
    January 22 - Lab 2
    January 29 - Lab 3
    February 3 - Assignment 1
    February 5 - Lab 4
    February 19 - Lab 5
    February 22 - Assignment 2
    February 22 - Midterm
    February 26 - Lab 6
    March 3 - Lab 7
    March 10 - Lab 8
    March 16 - Assignment 3
    March 29 - Assignment 4
    April 15 - Assignment 5
    April 21 - Final Exam

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    posted by: kimikimkim
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